New Website Launch – Derma Roller Store

Today we launch our latest website for Derma Roller Store.

Derma Roller Store are an ecommerce company selling skin improvement products to the UK. They had a long standing website that was a Magento template and the layout and look was outdated yielding a conversion rate of under 1%.

We have been managing their SEO for almost a year and have progressively increased traffic and sales over that time period and felt that an improved design and layout would really help convert more customers and get the conversion up towards 2%.

We build our ecommerce websites on 2 platforms, Magento and WooCommerce which is WordPress’s ecommerce feature. For websites that have a small number of products WooCommerce can be easier to work with as well as saving on cost so this is the platform that we agreed to work with.

After sending over a few design ideas we agreed on the one we have launched. All of the designs are created from scratch by our web designers, we don’t use themes or templates as we believe in creating something unique for each client.

We started from scratch with design by starting with developing a logo and working around that. We feel the logo should always be the first element of design and branding as it is the most permanent fixture and sets the tone for everything that follows.

As ever with websites that need to perform on the search engines the challenge was to incorporate the content without taking away from the design and we think we have managed this well. It is visible for those scrolling the page but doesn’t conflict with the look of the site from a visitors point of view.

The full website can be viewed at http:///



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