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Design for your Audience

When clients come to us seeking a new website design they often have an idea of what they are looking for based on the designs of the competition and their own preferences. What we have noticed a lot however is that they haven’t taken their customer base or market in to account and considered what their audience is looking for in a website and the experience that will maximise the number of conversions that the website generates.

An example of this is a discount store selling goods at heavily discounted goods. The impression that the website needs to leave on the client is that of a discount store i.e lots of products on the homepage, banner images with calls to action with 50% off selected items etc… This clearly showcases what the website is about and indicates that the user is going to save money meaning that the user is likely to stay on the website and browse around as they have found the website that suits their needs. It also ensures that if a customer lands on the website that is looking for more expensive items that they can quickly make a decision as to whether to stick around or leave.

Likewise, a website that is selling high end goods probably does not want to showcase discounts and sale items. They may not have prices at all on the homepage but be more image led with high end photographs of items that are available to buy to give a ‘high end’ and ‘exclusive’ image of themselves. This ensures that the type of client that is on their website is the type of customer that they wish to sell to.

This is an ecommerce example but the same goes or static cms based websites. If you are b2b service then the website is likely to look more professional with clean lines, simple colours and quite content driven to explain the services on offer. This applies to Solicitors, Accountants etc…

A website that offers a consumer service can afford to be more design and image led to really show off the business, bridal, photography even plumbers. Something can be created to really separate your business from the competition. The website we have created for Claire Winchester Hypnotherapy is a perfect example of this.

We at Soap have worked with many businesses across hundreds of industries and have the experience to research your market and goals to create a website that not only looks great but is going to provide a user experience that will convert in to enquiries or sales and portray your business for what it is.