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Magento or WooCommerce for Ecommerce Website

There are many ecommerce platforms out there that are used to create online shops, some much better than others. After extensively researching all platforms that are out there we decided to use Magento & WordPress’ WooCommerce platform for our ecommerce web design builds. So what made us choose these 2?



Magento is probably the most powerful ecommerce platform available. There a thousands of features built in to Magento that makes it suitable for the largest and most complicated online shops. Used by some of the largest stores in the country it can also be stripped back and used for smaller online stores who are starting out with the ambition to grow a decent size online business.

Magento is completely customisable so can ultimately include any ecommerce facility that the client needs. It also is easy to use from the clients put of view, uploading products, adding content and pages is made simple using Magento’s back office. This saves the client a lot of time fiddling around trying to learn how to deal with the simplest of tasks.



WordPress provide an easy to use ecommerce platfrom. It is nowhere near as intricate and powerful as Magento, however WooCommerce takes care of the basics very well. It is fairly easy to work with from a development point of view meaning less time building the site which saves the client money and also provides a simple control panel to manage the shop enabling the client to easily add/remove products, change content and manage customers. Being WordPress there are also thousands of available plugins to add features to the shop over and above the standard package.


So Which Should I use for My Shop?

As mentioned Magento is very powerful software and if you have hundreds of products or aim to grow the site into a market leader in your field then this is definitely the platform to use. It will offer all the features you need to grow online and you will never outgrow it, just add to it as you grow.

WooCommerce is ideal for small businesses who only have a handful of products and are not aiming to be the next ASOS. It can more than cope with a decent turnover level and covers the basics very well. It is also ideal if you are just starting out and don’t have the budget for a Magento based build. Your business may outgrow it at some point but is a good place to start.