Caritas Salford



A new website to reflect the brand and communicate with diverse audiences.

Rooted in Manchester, Caritas Salford serves as the local social action agency of the Catholic Diocese of Salford, offering unwavering support to communities since its inception in 2008. The organisation encompasses a range of charities and initiatives committed to tackling poverty, disadvantage, and discrimination. In 2023, Caritas Salford initiated a transformative digital journey, revitalising its online presence through a strategic website development project.

Marketing & strategy by MP&Co.

Acknowledging the need to adapt to evolving community needs, Caritas Salford launched a fresh website project. The previous website, both visually and technically outdated, no longer aligned with the organisation’s present brand identity. It posed challenges in terms of maintenance and security. The goal was straightforward – to construct a contemporary website that authentically mirrored the brand, communicated efficiently with diverse audiences, and supported the organisation’s aspirations for growth.

One of the main challenges with the new website was to address the needs of diverse audiences and oversee a range of service lines to engage with various stakeholders. The existing website’s technical glitches and outdated aesthetics only intensified these challenges. The project necessitated the incorporation of multiple technologies, such as Donorfy for streamlined donations, Citrus for showcasing the latest roles and simplifying job applications, and Assemble as a volunteer management system. Additionally, the mandate to present the organisation’s array of 18 diverse services across eight core service areas demanded a simple yet accurate display so users could find what they needed to, quickly.

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