Collaborate Group



Uncovering potential with the Collaborate Group.

With an unstoppable vision of how they can provide affordable housing for those who need it the most, the Collaborative Group drives to create more affordable and sustainable homes that positively impact people and the planet. Although with a clear mission, the team were struggling to communicate their message to their target audiences; housing associations, construction companies, investors, landowners, and partners.

Marketing & strategy by MP&Co.

Collaborate Group is split into two business sides: Collaborate Living and Collaborate Land.

We created two websites that mirror each other in terms of structure, but differ in content and colour scheme. Both sites are brought together by one landing page for the “group” where you can find out more about the team behind it all.

The new website aligns with Collaborate Group’s strategy goals, outlining clearly what they do and why they do it. It was important the copy and imagery reflected the brand’s evolution, all housed in an easy to navigate website. They are now able to create and promote case studies, and update everyone with what they’ve been up to with a series of blogs.

MP&Co have been able to use all this when streamlining their marketing campaigns to help bring new clients and partners on board.

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