Discover a taste of New Zealand within the UK.

We help NZTE frequently on a range of projects, from animation, to social assets, print adverts, point of sale displays, internal strategy documents… the list is endless! NZTE’s prime aim is to help New Zealand succeed through trade and enterprise. We primarily work with them on campaigns to help their products get into the UK markets – such as wine, honey and lamb.

Photos used are from NZTE’s photography team and asset bank.

Point of sale stands were in Waitrose throughout September 2023. The gondola’s aim was to showcase the beautiful vineyards in New Zealand that produced the wine and really “set the scene”. We are reliably informed that the bottles flew off the shelves!

Alongside this, we worked on a series of social graphics for targeted ads to advertise the wine and the NZ partnership on Waitrose’s social media channels.

We worked with Flow to create an animation about UK consumers and New Zealand products, such as wine, honey and lamb, and how the market for such products is growing. The animation served as the cornerstone of a series of infographics tailored for LinkedIn. Each infographic was carefully crafted to highlight key insights.

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