Reverse Rett



Making change happen.

Reverse Rett is a patient advocacy and research organisation focused on accelerating treatments and a cure for Rett syndrome to everyone affected. Reverse Rett tasked us with refreshing their brand colour palette, fonts and general “look”, whilst leaving their logo recognisable across the globe. We also updated their website which was dated and confusing to use, hiding vital information for parents.

We held a brand workshop with the core team of Reverse Rett to really nail down their who, what, and why. From this we set out the brand’s mission, vision, values and tone of voice, which then paved the way to creating the building blocks for the brand and website.

Illustration style by BramCreates.

The UK Rett Syndrome community is at a pivotal moment at the moment with two clinical trials of gene therapies underway, but it is still an illness not widely known. The purpose of the new brand and website was to also increase awareness and encourage anyone to help who could. We created a video working alongside Standby Productions to capture how those directly involved with Rett Syndrome feel from first diagnosis to now.