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What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion Rate Optimsation

Soap have had a number of clients come to us recently looking for SEO services to increase the level of traffic coming through to their websites.


Wherever possible before developing an SEO strategy we ask to have a look at a clients Analytics account to see the strengths and weaknesses of the website allowing us to see areas that need improvement.


A number of website statistics that we have looked at recently have indicated that a lot of websites have a poor conversion rate. A recent ecommerce website was as little as 0.45%.


It is all good and well spending revenue on increasing traffic to your website but if that traffic is not going to convert then you could be wasting thousands of spend on little return.


It is fairly easy these days to increase traffic, SEO, PPC, Social networks can all be utilised to generate traffic and many SEO companies point to Google Analytics when a customers queries the success of a campaign and say “Hey, we are generating traffic, we are doing our job, we can’t convert the traffic for you.” Sound familiar?


It is a very easy excuse and is likely going to keep the customer for a few months longer but once the customer gets sick of paying out and not receiving a return on investment they are going to stop paying and the SEO company has lost a client.


The right approach is to delve deeper in to why the website is not achieving conversions by looking at the behavior of visitors to the website. Key information is:


  • Bounce Rate (Visitors who click on the website and click off in a few seconds)
  • Pages viewed per visit
  • Time spent on the website per visit
  • Basket Drop Off


If for example a website has a bounce rate of 50% plus then we would need to understand why. Is the homepage engaging? Is it clear what is on offer? Is the site easy to navigate? Is the homepage nice to look at?


If the answer is no to any or a few of the above then this will be the area of concentration to lower bounce rate and improve time spent on the website. As a result conversions should improve or highlight another issue.


Another issue that we often come across is previous SEO companies targeting incorrect keywords. By this we mean that the product or service on offer is quite specialist but the target phrases are quite generic so the website is not suitable for a large proportion of visitors which again will likely result in a high bounce rate.


Lowering bounce rate is one element of conversion rate optimisation. Depending on the behavior of your customers there are hundreds of strategies that can be implemented to increase conversion rate.


If you do not think you are getting the best out of your website then please get in touch with us. We will take a look through your current strategy and suggest how it can be improved.