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Why have content in a website?

We’ve been busy building new websites for our clients so have been away from the blog for a while. While speaking to new clients about their websites it has become a common theme that a lot of clients do not want content in their websites – particularly the homepage.

Image led websites are visually stunning (providing the images are good quality) and they leave a lasting impression on the client. They can also offer an insight in to your business showcasing products or services.

Unless the website you are having designed for your business is just a reference point or a presence it is likely that you are going to use the website to generate customers and are going to want to be found within the search engines.

We understand that the cleaner a website looks the more visually appealing it becomes but if your website is being built to generate customers then there is a requirement to have some content in your website about your business.

This is mainly because Google like to understand what a webpage is about. They want to rank relevant websites that offer a user information about a subject. The only way that they can understand what a web page is about is to read the page and pick up on words. Images do not tell a story to the search engines, therefore an image led website is very difficult to rank well.

The key is to have a balance of both images to showcase the business and tell your story and content to tell the search engines what you do. A good design firm will be able to incorporate both and create a website that is visually stunning that will rank well within the major search engines.