Secure a better future with GMB Credit Union.

After a strategy workshop ran by MP&Co, GMB needed a way to share their core messages with new and existing customers. One of these ways was a complete website refresh. Using the new branding, we designed and built a new website, added a blog area and an FAQ to help members understand the benefits of the credit union, and incorporated a locked members area.

The website traffic has grown from 1500 per month to over 8000, positioning GMBCU a leader in their market.

Marketing & strategy by MP&Co.

Regarding the website, our objective was to disaggregate the information into easily comprehensible, bite-sized sections. The incorporation of vibrant colors and illustrations was intended to impart a warm and amicable ambiance, thereby rendering the otherwise serious content more palatable and user-friendly.

The decision to refresh the GMBCU brand stemmed from the intention to stay competitive, align with business goals, and elevate the brand’s attractiveness by updating visuals and messaging across diverse marketing channels. This move was deemed essential in light of the significant changes in economic circumstances witnessed over the past four years.

Brand, illustrations and animations created by Sean Booth.