Terms & Conditions



1. Application Of Terms
These Terms are the only ones that Soap Creative Ltd is prepared to deal with the Customer/Client. All contents within these terms shall govern the Contract and relationship with the Customer/Client until a mutually agreed end date.

2. Charges
The following points apply to any work undertaken by Soap Creative Ltd, either requested verbally or written:
Any work carried out by Soap Creative Ltd will be charged at our standard rate at the time it is undertaken, unless agreed prior between Soap Creative Ltd and the Customer/Client. This includes but isn’t limited it, designing, coding, site visits, technical queries and advice/consultancy (written or verbally).

Once the Customer/Client has entered into an agreement, a total price will be agreed between both parties. No payments will be taken until the project(s) are complete. Final payment must be received before a project goes live.

All project fee’s are based on our hourly rate (of £50) multiple by the hours that need to be undertaken to complete the project.

Project start and completion dates can only agreed upon and are only valid on receipt of all requested/required material from the Customer/Client. If delays occur due to incomplete information from the Customer/Client, Soap Creative Ltd will not be held responsible to delays in originally agreed dates.

When dealing with Customer/Client 3rd party providers (Hosting, IT or ISP) we cannot be held responsible for any delays caused.

3. Payment
All invoices must be paid within 14 days of receipt unless otherwise agreed by Soap Creative Ltd.
4. Best Practices Clause
Soap Creative Ltd will use their best endeavours to delivery services on the mutually agreed estimated completion date, however they do not agree a guaranteed completed date nor will they be held responsible for any claims or damages due to any delay.
5. Ownership
The Customer/Client understands any files, graphics or programming work is the property of Soap Creative Ltd until all fees are paid at which time the Customer/Client retains ownership. This excludes materials provided by the Customer/Client.
Additionally the Customer/Client acknowledges they do not have the right to copy, duplicated, distribute, resell or give away any programming (coding), CMS (Content Management Systems), eCommerce solutions, Shopping Carts, Database Programming conducted by Soap Creative Ltd.

Any/All GPL licensed assets are exempt from this clause.

6. Promotion
Soap Creative Ltd reserves the right to include a “link back” on all Customer/Client projects.. This link will take the form of a small text link usually cited at the bottom of the Customer/Client website. Additionally Soap Creative Ltd reserves the rights to use any work undertaken by the Customer/Client for marketing purposes.
At no time shall Soap Creative Ltd share any Customer/Client confidential information with any 3rd Party.

7. Content
Design layout and sitemap’s are considered completed upon consent been given by the Customer/Client (either verbal or written). Any subsequent changes are billable at Soap Creative Ltd standard hourly rate.
Images outside of the project must be provided in digital form or in a form that can be easily scanned, unless otherwise provided for in customer’s contract. Subsequent revisions will be billable at Soap Creative Ltd hourly rate.

Content must be provided in digital form, unless Soap Creative Ltd is developing copy. Two rounds of revisions will be provided free of charge. Subsequent revisions will be billable at Soap Creative Ltd hourly rate.

Entry of data for database applications is considered Customer/Client’s responsibility. Entry of data by Soap Creative Ltd is billable, unless otherwise agreed with a Customer/Client.

8. Refunds
Soap Creative Ltd work on a basis of no monies will be received until the customers project(s) have been 100% approved and launched. Based on this Soap Creative Ltd offer no refunds on completed work as our process involves the customers input throughout the project for approval of each stage. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they are 100% happy with all work before proceeding to the next stage of development. Until the customer has given 100% satisfaction for the project to launch no monies will be invoiced. If at any stage during the design/build process, the customer reserves the right the cancel the project if they are unhappy with any aspect 100% risk free. The customer reserves the right to cancel the project at any stage of the build. Please be aware Soap Creative Ltd reserves the right to retain all designs and build work that has been undertaken on behalf of the customer if no payment is received.
If any problems arise after the project has launched please refer to 9. Support.

9. Support
Soap Creative Ltd offers free support for the first 28 days after the project has been approved and launched. If a problem arises that is determined to be the fault of Soap Creative Ltd will fix these free charge. If however a problem arises due to customer(s) error or fault these errors/problems will be quoted for by the hour to fix these errors. If support is less than an 30 minutes then the problem(s)/error(s) will be fixed for free.
Any questions on how to use the completed projects (such as CMS usage or eCom usage) are supported for free.
Soap Creative Ltd offer no monthly or yearly support packages.
Any updates on codebases (such as security updates from WordPress) will be supported free charge. It is the responsibility of Soap Creative Ltd to ensure all security updates are completed in a timely fashion for customers.

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